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Originally Posted by Nordy View Post
Hmmm... Can't teams only have one head cook? Otherwise I could have a "team" with "head cooks" all over the country and every weekend compete somewhere, but never actually have the same set of cooks do the cooking... ie whoever has a contest in their hometown or nearby cooks under the team name that weekend. Doesn't seem right...

IMHO a team can have many members... but the designated "head cook" should be present at every comp...

Maybe I'm confused...

Sorry for the deviation off topic...
I believe this is only true in KCBS if there are 2 different contests with the same turn in day. In KCBS, if you have 2 contests with a turn in day on different days, such as 1 with a turn in day of Saturday and 1 with a turn in day of Sunday, you can actually enter both contests under the same team name with two different head cooks and be inside the parameters of the rules. If I'm wrong, I apologize and please correct me if so.

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