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we do a lot of catering (a lot is subjective - at the end of the summer, i feel like its been a lot) and people go nuts over our brisket.

Now I know everyone thinks theirs is the best - I know. and BTW - I love Rudy's - I think they do a great job.

But here's what I want to share - We have done some great tests - inject/no inject/jacquard/no jacquard - and the winner EVERY TIME is S+P and wood - that's all.

Interesting, isn't it? Now I am not talking competition - my buddy is winning everything with this injection - so I bought it. Well, IMHO (and my guests), we ruined a good piece of meat. Tasted like chemicals - and MSG. But he wins - big.

For me and my catering (and my family), we will stick to the basics.

Aaron Franklin from Franklin's = "don't get fancy with brisket - S+P is all we use".

Brad Simmons
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