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The daisy wheel is the cast iron piece that controls the exhaust. It's on top. Use the intake (lower vent) for general heat control and the daisy wheel for "fine tuning" the temp.

Light the fire with the dome open (Hard to do it otherwise ) and the lower vent open wide. Close the dome and watch the thermometer... start closing the lower vent when you get within 50° of your target temp...maybe a little sooner. If you overshoot, it takes a LONG time for the temperature to drop (because you've got 130 lbs. of hot ceramic to cool). Many beginners overshoot the target temp, close the lower vent completely until the kamado cools... and find out that the fire has gone out. Once you get the cooker stabilized at your target temp, check it frequently... the temperature often creeps up even though you haven't changed the vent settings.

If you do a high temperature cook or a "cleaning burn" (above 500°) and close all the vents... DON"T OPEN IT UNTIL THE TEMPERATURE DROPS BELOW 350°... There's half a cubic yard of hot volatile gas in there just waiting for some oxygen. POOF (flashback).. there goes your manly arm hair... or eybrows. If you must open a hot, hot kamado, open the vent's first... you may get a little flame shooting out but it won't get you... Opening the dome an inch or two and "burping" the cooker will do the same thing. Burning hair smells nasty (Ask me how I know.)

The Kamado is probably the most versatile outdoor cooker made... can get high temps. for searing steaks and some types of pizza or go low and slow... 20 + hours on a full load of lump.

Lots of Kamado owners on this forum... Ask and it shall be answered. P.S. Check out Lots of accessories that can double your cooking capacity.

You will find that your gas grill is a great place to store your cooking utensils out of the rain!
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