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Talking for the Sausage makers - a home made incubator box

I have been making cured/airdried sausages and salami for a couple of years now and always was fiddling around with some homebrewn setup in the oven to hold the temp at ~ 90F for 15 hours or so to get the fermentation of the added Starter Cultures going..

something like this:

well I finally got of my case and constructed a incubator box like this:

all you need is a 4x8 sheet of Aluminum clad OSB (7/16 inch),
some framing wood (1 1/2 x 3/4 inch,
a line voltage switching thermostat and a wall box to mount it on,
a light socket with a heavy duty 70W lightbulb,
box of drywall screws,
some electric cord and hardware (hinges and lock)
couple of 1/2 inch dowels cut to the size to fit in your dryer.

here you get the idea..

I measured the inside of my dryer to cut the dowels to the size
so they slide in the rails of the dryer ( a peltier type cooling, college fridge)

and sized the incubator box accordingly so I could hang the dowels in there.. assembled the box with the Aluminum clad facing the inside!!

mounted the thermostat and wired it to the 70W light bulb on the bottom..

I cut a removable piece (for easy cleaning) and drilled holes in it on one side (away from the light) - to allow heat distribution and placed it above the lightbulb..

here you see a load ready to go...

set the temp - close the door - and the light will switch on and off to keep the desired temp in the box in the box

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