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Awesome!! My neighbor just delivered a Ham to me also. They want me to smoke it for Thanksgiving. I've looked online with opinions all over the board as how best to do. The method that sounded the best to me was to brine or inject, rub w/ mustard and apply rub, then smoke low at 225 until internal temps around 120-130 degrees. Wrap, like you would a pork butt, and continue to cook till 190-195 internal. According to the reviews, it turned out great, still moist from cooking in the foil, and the meat fell off the bone and made great bbq. Oh! When they wrapped, added a little butter on the ham, little more rub, and apple juice.

Sounded like a good way to do it, and prevent from drying out. With wild game, I believe in getting internal temps to at least 165 to kill anything that may be calling it home! LOL. But...that IMO... and we know about opinions!
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