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I don't have an iQue or anything of the sort, but I can tell you the settings that keep my Akorn right around 240. I have the bottom vent completely closed (I didn't do any extra work sealing my Akorn at all), and the top vent is extremely close to being closed. I don't recall the number measure on the cap, but I'm sure it's less than 1.

I can tell you that every millimeter more or less makes a significant difference in the temperature though, so it took a bit of practice. I've done it enough times that now I just light it (by simply dumping in the lump, then making a small hole and tossing in a lit oil-dipped cotton ball and covering with some large chunks of lump) let it come up to about 150-175 opened up relatively wide, then just close vents to my sweet spot and I'm good. I've done this now probably 30+ times.
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