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I went a different route, and in doing so, I did do some welding on the lid itself. It is thin metal and at least in my limited knowledge of welding and the the limit equipment I have, the metal did melt and pit. I had to take it very slowly and even with the low setting on my welder, it made for a long and interesting experience, but it did hold. Now my little stick welder only has two settings, high and low. So if he has better gear, I'm sure he could make it work if I can.
I've also welded on the drums in Low and you need to work fast and carefully, as it is also thin metal and you will burn a hole through the metal quickly.
I gave this drum away to a good friend a few months ago. A young kid that was my little brother's friend growing up. He's HOOOKED already.
I picked up an old Kettle off of CL the other day. I feel the need to make a new drum. Depending on how the lid fits or doesn't I just may go the route of using some flat steel like the other have done and make things easier for myself.

Don't know if the pics are still in this thread as I'm blocked from seeing em at work:
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