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Originally Posted by northern smokey View Post
for some reason these beans keep popping up on threads and recipes i have been looking at. i googled them and it seems these are very much loved and enjoyed. i have been wanting to try them but i live in the far north of canada and shipping them would be a bit much. i have found a bloggers site for a recipe that i will be trying. so i am asking if the brethren can look at the recipe amd tell me if this is what i am looking for or if there is anything i need to add that is not in there.
thank you
To add to my above post... I happened to have some pintos I'd soaked over night, already in the crock pot to go with the brisket I'm working on today. I did just have some bacon in there, chicken broth, and some Fiesta Pinto Seasoning in the pot.

Now, I went and tweaked them a bit riffing off Fain's recipe. Jazzed em up with 3 anchos, 1 chipotle, and 5 cloves of garlic. Toasted the anchos and chipotle quickly in my iron skillet, let them soak a bit in some water in the skillet. Then made a puree of the peppers and garlic, and threw it in the pot with some Mexican oregano and a shot of apple cider vinegar. I figure the Fiesta Seasoning covers the other spices,or at least comes close according to the label. Dang, that was just what they needed!

Beans still have a way to go, but wow that smells good. How long till dinner?

I'll let you know how close to Ranch Style I come.

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