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I prefer to brine my own, but...

Nothing inherently wrong with a factory enhanced bird if that is what you have.
Here are the cooking recommendation from ButterBall. They are the Big Kahuna of the "enhanced" market and should know what they are talking about.

At 325 deg:
Net Weight (lb.) Unstuffed (hrs.) Stuffed (hrs.)
4 to 7-----------2 to 2---------2 to 2
7 to 9-------------2 to 3---------2 to 3
9 to 18-----------3 to 3---------3 to 4
18 to 22----------3 to 4-------- 4 to 5
22 to 24----------4 to 4-------- 5 to 5
24 to 30----------4 to 5-------- 5 to 6

Also, you can check the label of the bird. Every one I have seen has the instructions on it.

Good Eats

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