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Default Who knows beef roast?

I've done several chucks and sirloin tips. I prefer the sirloin tip as they are much leaner. I usually smoke the roasts at 300 deg. till about 150 IT, then I place it in a pan with a can of beef broth, covered, and let it finish out at 205 IT. (Total cook time is about 3 hours)

My roasts are never "fall apart" tender.

This weekend, I ate my cousins sirloin tip roast. It was cooked in the oven, at 395 degrees, covered, with lipton onion soup mix, for 4-5 hours and it was FALL APART TENDER.

So, to get these results, should I smoke the roast for about an hour, then cover it and follow my cousins "high temp, covered, 5 hour" recipe? Has mine been tough because I'm not cooking it long enough?
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