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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
8 parts sugar substitute.

I'd be perfectly content with a rub that has zero sweet, 30% cracked pepper, 20% k salt, 20% gran garlic, 10% gran onion, and 20% mix of hot stuff like cayenne, chipotle/habanero powder, ground chili tepins. Would like to hear from others about this sweet thing in a rub. I get plenty of sweet just from a decently fresh gran garlic.

Don't get me wrong, I love sugar, I love candy, just don't use it when making meat.
Mine isn't too far from this. At the very end, on ribs and sometimes on pork I will add just a tad (and I mean a tad) of turbinado, but mine is something like:

20% black pepper
20% chili powder
20% tony's creole (which is season salt with some garlic and onion in it)
10% spanish paprika
10% hungarian paprika
10% island bbq spice mixture (similar to jerk, but not exactly)
10% mixture of hot, like ground cayenne, ancho, chipotle, red jalapeno

For bbq chicken (cant believe I even typed those two words together) I'll use this straight up. Pork and ribs a tiny amount of turbinado added
at the end, and for beef (chuckie, brisket, etc.) I'll mix in about 2 parts above with another 1 part black pepper (no turbinado).
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