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Default Commercial Rubs And Color

OK first off let me start by saying that I have ZERO intentions of trying to figure out any rub makers secret formula Brethren or otherwise. Ok? Good.

Secondly, I also am very aware that color and flavor have nothing to do with each other, so I will not be needing anyone to inform me of this and that I should just not worry about it. Lets please keep this to discussion of rub color, and not whether it matters.

I have noticed that many commercial rubs have a color that is much brighter and deeper than any rub concotion that I have made at home. Two examples are Yardbird, and Lotta Bull Red Dirt. They have a bright orangeish redness to them that looks really great. Neither of the labels on these say anything about artificial coloring, which I believe would be required by law to list if it was there, so that rules that out.

I know without a doubt that many of the rubs that I have made at home have similar amounts of everything that might be responsible for the color (paprika, chiles, etc) yet its not even close.

So this is my question. Do you think its a simple matter of the rub makers having access to much fresher ingredients, or maybe it has something to do with the mixing process?

This perplexes me.
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