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Default Does Rudy's Inject their Brisket?

Ok hear me out I know injecting a brisket is a cardinal sin. However, I had Rudy's last night and I always get Moist (the point). I have never had anything like it and I have been to Blacks, Louie Muellers, and a few others. Their moist is generally like how I have everywhere and the fatty doesn't just melt into your mouth. You can actually see the fat in most cases for those places.

However, when I go to Rudy's their moist is crazy moist and you cant see a substantial amount of fat. At first I thought maybe they use a high grade of meat I haven't smoke but the fact their meat is only $6.50/lb suggested otherwise. I mean you can buy really high quality meat and only charge that much.

So this has led me to believe that maybe Rudy's is injecting their meat. I am trying to match up my moist as close to them as possible so any tips would be appreciated. What are your opinions thoughts?
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