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Default Auspit 3 Way Thowdown With Jonnie Rotisserie, Rhett and Chris!

G'Day Bruces'

None of you know that Jonnie Rotisserie has been in Australia for the last month.

He's been travelling around Australia with Rhett, from Auspit doing shows and demos. By the time he see's this, he will be back in the USA

Last week, we all got together for a wonderful evening of rotisserie and good company.

I had no idea what I was in for when I was invited. But as soon as I saw this hand built home I knew I was in for a treat by people after my own heart...

Here is Jon and Chris picking a Lemon.. for the Chicken!

And when inside, I was welcomed into this most wonderful homely setting...

Anyway, Jon got to work on the prep!

And the Chicken and Lamb went onto the Auspit Rotisserie over the open fire....

Far from rubbing a chicken the day before.... John seasoned the chicken on the bar!!!!

And after a while it was looking good!

What follows are a few more photo's that maybe are not that good... but I was talking with Jon and Rhett, so I didn't care too much about exposure times...

Now... we were cooking for the current 3 way Chicken and Beer / Veggie Challenge thangy TD...what I did not expect was that the Lamb would cook faster than the Chicken... but this is indeed what happened, and was more likely due to the smaller weight of the lamb roast... Anyway, we pulled that off and I made some fun about burning this on the video to CD... but it was really good!

The chicken went back on with the Veggies to come!

Jon pulled the lamb for resting..

Rhett got the rotisserie Veggies Ready!

The lamb off the Rotisserie..

Then Rhett took over...

As the inventor of the Auspit, he showed me how it was done.

Just so...

By placing the chicken over the veggies, so the fat from the bird would
add to the flavour of the veggies. Rhett placed both the chicken and veg, slowly turning, very carefully from the fire for the perfect temp to finish off

It was here, we introduced the Beer, for the 1/2 Drunken part!

When it was done...

We got down to plated photos and eating!

My final plated shot...

Well... everything was gooood.

But nothing was as good as the company!

As I have said in other posts, it has been a long time since I had such a good time with people I'd not met before. It was like we were all waiting to get together.. and here is a photo of Jon, Rhett and Chris to prove it!

What now follows are the videos of the evening. Please have a look because I'm introducing Jonnie Rotisserie to you all!

If you have no time to watch, just scroll down to the "vote link"

Casey Dog watch this one!

So... please vote for Jonnie, SmokinAussie, Rhett and Chris!

In the current TD!

We're needing all your help, and I promised Rhett and Jon we'd win the TD with the Auspit!


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