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It's sad but true, you've just moved on to the first step of becoming a serial drummer....

You let the first one go, after the honeymoon phase passes. Then you need to fill that void and build another, saying to yourself ill do a better job of it this time.... Because I never let her go.... But alas you find her a good home, because after all I can just whip up another

Soon you find you are all but mass producing drums and just a quickly they too are leaving with your friends. Stranger yet you are scarcely bothering to paint them or spruce them up, after all they are working out just fine, you convince yourself......

But one day it will hit you, as you point over to that ugly drum smoker, over there.... Where once proudly stood "Big Black", I've become a serial drummer.....
You say to yourself I need to slap a coat of paint on that drum, don't worry that thought will pass, just lite some coals and drop in something to smoke..... Call up those friends and ask them " hey what are you smoking today?"
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