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I have gotten them several times here in Cedar Rapids, but they are not cheap. Beef may be beef, but that labeled Amana beef is always exceptionally good. The Amana Colonies are about 20 miles South of here and famous for the beef raised on their farms. It is premium and the worst cattle raised there generally grade out at choice. Any cow that has poor yielding calves will not be in their herd for long. The breeds they raise are BIG livestock and a 6 pounder would be in the range of possibility. The ones I have bought have been regularly near 5 lb. This is Iowa and I'm sure they are finished in the lots on a corn mixture feed after having spent time in the pasture. I'm not a farmer, but was raised in a small Iowa town surrounded by farms and even this amateur can tell you the Amana herds are good looking cattle. BTW, if you are ever in this area and like German food, be sure to visit any of the restaurants in the Colonies, you will not be disappointed.
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