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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
8 parts sugar substitute.

I'd be perfectly content with a rub that has zero sweet, 30% cracked pepper, 20% k salt, 20% gran garlic, 10% gran onion, and 20% mix of hot stuff like cayenne, chipotle/habanero powder, ground chili tepins. Would like to hear from others about this sweet thing in a rub. I get plenty of sweet just from a decently fresh gran garlic.

Don't get me wrong, I love sugar, I love candy, just don't use it when making meat.
philosophically, i couldn't agree more. the onion, garlic, smoke, and natural sugars in the meat should provide enough "sweet".

however, we are addicted to sugar, myself included. my ribs are sweeter than a snickers bar.

with that said, johns, patio dadio, rub, is the best i've ever made homemade and use it for my comp pork. but to get the best out of it , it can be pricey.

i'd suggest:

making a batch of PD's and butt glitter, tweak to taste, then,

oakridge secret weapon for your sweetish side and smoking guns hot for your savoryish side.

test and go from there.
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