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I got one back in the spring & have been working on some mods. Overall it is what it is a inexpensive backyard smoker. It is a 1 level smoker & water pan sits right under meat & the one time I used water it seemed to wash all flavor out so I just tin foil water pan instead & temps seem to stay fine. I've bought some expanded sheet metal & cut a round piece small enough that it sits lower in the bottom section allowing more charcoal for longer burns but otherwise you could drill holes in the bottom pan which is the charcoal pan for airflow I just went a different way. The bottome vents don't seem to control temp very well due to even when closed there's a wide gap so it doesn't seem to matter what you have them set at for control. Temp control seems more done like a minion method by how large a fire you start with. Mine doesn't leak much at all other than the bottom air vents. I've not cooked many times on it so I'm still working the tricks out on it.

Overall, you might be better to go ahead w/ a ECB instead but for that price you might spring for it just don't expect to get championship meats off it & plan on some mods adding to the price. As said above kinda a bad design

Here's link to some pics of when I broke it out of the box & before mods -

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