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Originally Posted by NivekD View Post
Looks delicious...more on the stuffed shrooms please...I'd like to make some of those.
I should have taken better notes because we will be making these again and I didn't write down measurements. Used 1/2 lb roughly of imitation crab, about 1/2 a cup- 3/4 cup croutons that I put through the food processor, 1/2 a block of softened cream cheese, some melted butter (mixed with the crushed croutons) some minced garlic and salt and fresh cracked pepper all mixed together and stuffed into the mushroom caps - topped with some shredded parmesan cheese.

Originally Posted by Panthers65 View Post
Looks awesome!

Did you take it straight from the smoke to the grill, or did you let it sit for a bit before?
I let it rest until the grill was up to time to sear - so I suppose 20 mins or so and then I sliced it right before it went on the grill.

Originally Posted by pmad View Post
Well done.
If you don't mind me asking, why would you (or anyone for that matter) grill slices of prime rib?
IMO, you've just ruined everything you've worked so hard to obtain.

So, why would you grill slices of prime rib?
I don't get it.
Please help.
If you haven't tried it you may want to give it a whirl - it is another layer of flavor to the Prime Rib (especially with the grill grates) - it taste amazing!! As you can see in the pic it was only on there for a quick few mins and still served at medium rare. I thought the same as you before we had actually had it served like that in a restaurant and I knew I wanted to try it for myself at home. You also have more control over how "done" each steak is for those people that seem to have it cooked well for some odd reason .
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