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Originally Posted by chad View Post
A lot depends on how much you use throughout the year.
I tend to need 20 or so pounds of rub per year for church events and so I make mine using the 8-3-1-1 formula from Alton Brown and confirmed by Myron. I also buy Myron's basic meat rub for use at home and as gifts -- though my blend and Myron's are similar

Last batch was 8# light brown sugar, 3# salt, 1# chili powder, 1# Spanish paprika, 1# blend of cayenne, black pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, and I think dried basil. And yes, I used pounds as my unit of measure for this batch. I like weight better than "measure" scaling and keeping recipes correct.
That's where everybody's tastes are different, I never use more than 20-25% sugar of any type in my home made rubs. That's extreme, and will probably end up in a burnt mess cooking at higher temps then mid 200's.

Just don't get why that much sugar is needed on meat. It's all about the zesty peppery kick for me. If I was gonna make that rub, I'd cut the sugar down to 1.5-2lbs, and use Turbinado instead of brown. Then I'd boost the amount of fresh cracked pepper x 4 or so.

Never had any complaints.
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