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Looking very cool!

Just to throw my hat in the ring.....what I do is....

Get a pork loin and weigh it.
Measure out some Supracure (salt / sodium nitrite mix) at a ratio of 5% cure to the weight of the meat.
Rub ~a third of the cure into the meat.
Place meat in a container and pop into the fridge.
Each day take the meat out of the container and drain then rub with a little more of the cure....repeat this until all of the cure is used up, this'll take about 3-5 days.
Leave the meat for a total of 7 days (I have gone upto 14 but with no benefit imo).
On day 8 rinse and soak the green bacon, changing the water regularly.
Dry the green bacon and pop back in the fridge to form a pellice for a day.
I then cold smoke for five days.
Slice, vac pack and freeze then cook as needed.

Nice and simple!
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