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Originally Posted by cpw View Post
Is there one you prefer? The only one I've had experience with looks like a mini job site heater and it's real loud.
I have two that I use on job sites, I do Heating and Air Conditioning in Phoenix and used to in Buffalo NY, theres a heater for every application. If youre under an eazy up try and get 2-3 sides on it (Tarp or side curtains) to block some of the wind, if there is any.

One is (Top heater) the type you hook onto the valve of the tank which is whisper quiet and if you set it up near you it radiates heat in a one directional flow. Nice to have if youre sitting or standing in one place. Inexpensive price.

The other (convection) is a cylinder looking burner with hose, I used this in my non heated garage in Buffalo NY when I lived there in winter and I took my coat off inside it became so warm. Its also nice to huddle around and can warm up a room or small dwelling.

The forced air heaters do a really good job too, but you really need that aimed into an area with walls or side curtains. Its also priced and loud.
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