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Originally Posted by foppa78 View Post
great video. Was it able to hold temps at 225 with the lump charcoal? Would it work to put the side with more metal exposed on the other side so that the door can close over it better? Just wondering if that would help close up any leaks better.
1. I've only ran 3 tests with the Akorn. In the first 2, I started the fire too hot/large and ran into the same troubles Rackovanz did. Close the lid, temp shoots up, IQ doesn't blow, fire goes partially dormant, temps fall, IQ blows and blows to resurrect the fire, temp shoots up, over and over. This cooker doesn't need much fuel. Starting it like a ceramic kamado doesn't work, at least for me. The Ring of Fire method controls the amount of fuel available to burn consistently throughout the cook. It solved the oscillations. I ran out lump and used briquettes, but I expect lump would work well also. I'll test lump this weekend. Regarding sand in the bucket, thermal mass is always a good thing for thermal stability.

2. The adapter is our "small adjustable kamado adapter". It fits Akorns, small BGEs, and others. It is best to orient it like you say, but the Akorn door track extends about 1" farther left than the hole in the cooker and so the adapter had to be rotated 180 to get the air injection tube over the hole into the cooker. That said, it may still be better to orient it like you say since so little air is getting injected and it would seal better. In that case you would widen the top track, not the bottom. Perhaps someone will try it this way and share.
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