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I cant speak for all competitions but I can speak for The Keystone Classic BBQ competition in Harrisburg PA this year as I put the "goddie bags" together.

I pesonally like the goodie bags because it gives something to those who are new or dont do well something to go home with.

here is what I put in the bags and keep in mind the items were donated so there is no " put more money in the prize pool ".

Mojo Bricks
Purple Pork Masters sauce
Plowboys rub
Pork Barrel bbq rub
Dixie Meat rub
the new line of Stubbs bbq rubs
Tastey Licks BBQ pack
and some snacks (not sure who got those)

and an event pin (that cost a couple of $$ but not enough to raise the prize pool)

I have gotten some "coupon bags" as well but you cant tell me that that bag didnt rock and that you would atleast try everything in there. These guys stepped up and helped me put a really nice bag together.

**again thanks to everyone who sent me their products for in the bags.**
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