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Smile 25th Q: Lemon Peppered Pork Shoulder Roast HNF 6H [w/ pr0n]

Last weeks pork was such a huge success, it just had to be done again!

So I got another pork shoulder roast with a weight of 9.92 lbs, which I left completely untrimmed.

Inspired by the info provided in the pepper thread I was very excited to try that lemon pepper on pork, so I got a four-peppers-blend consisting of green, white, and black pepper corns + red berries and three natural lemons for that purpose.

Grated zest of three lemons

The peppers blend

Peppers pestled in mortar

The resulting lemon pepper mixture

The final lemon pepper rub with added iodized medium-coarse sea salt

The remaining rub went into the freezer to preserve the lemon zest

The well rubbed pork shoulder roast (I really tried to not overdo it this time)

Natural Lemon Tree Lump Charcoal with six small pieces of apple wood buried in the charcoal ring lit Minion style

Pork shoulder roast on upper grate of my WSM

If you should be wondering why Minion for HNF, the idea was to let it hit IT 165F LNS starting at about 225F slowly rising to ~280F and then give it all the WSM is capable of after foiling, so smoking phase LNS and finishing HNF.

The pork was ready for foiling in apple juice after 4 hours and 7 minutes (the Maverick was counting down the first 3 hours, then counting up till finished)

After foiling I had to leave for our usual Saturday afternoon shopping, which was the first time I had to let a fire unattended. When we came back, IT was already at 212F

So it was put into the oven at 200F for resting after a total cooking time of 6 hours.

Luckily the pork was unharmed, and this is what it looked like after resting:

And the final product: Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Yogurt-based Coleslaw (w/o Mayonnaise)

What can I say, this pulled pork was FREAKING FANTASTIC! It had it all, the complexity of the 4-peppers-blend and the slight fruity touch from the lemon zest was just awesome, and because I left the peppers pretty coarse this time it was not too hot for kids & wife.

Lemon Pepper it is!
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