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Originally Posted by bluetang View Post
Fandangtastic there GARNAAL. Is the Bactoferm product specific, or can any type be used in any sausage. I have F-RM-52, but many formulations call for other bacteria. Do you use any mold-600?
for the description of use of the various Bactoferm products go to:

I like the LHP product - been using it since I started making dried sausages and salami - it's fast - give a nice color to your product and I like the typical sour taste it provides that I remember from Dutch dried sausage from home..

I do not use any mold product - like to keep my product clear and wipe with some vinegar if mold shows up..

If you like mold - the good kind that is - I guess you use the 600 - or stick a piece of the skin of Camembert or Brie cheese in your dryer and eventually you will start getting the mold on your sausage also...
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