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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Thanks fer the reminder Buccs! Meant to post these the other night but due to over satiation, I was unable!

It was great! Never made one completely from scratch like that, usually start with a store bought powder and build from this. Had a nice rich flavor, the chuck was tender, the beef shanks added a nice fullness.
Kinda wondering if next time I might cook some red lentils into it as well, wife & I thought that would have "lent" nicely to the dish.

The naan came out better than I thought for sure! Cooked it in a crazy hot CI for 45-60 sec per side.

And of course had to wash it down with a locally made India Pale

A little oily from the killer marbling the chuck had but I didn't mind at all!
I think that is a brilliant effort from a pressure cooker, it has great thickeness whereas unless I reduce it after, the PCooker makes for a very watery finish.
If folks are using a PCooker to do curry, I suggest not adding th spices until afetr the PCooker part and cooking the curry on the stovetop and adding the spices and flavour ingredients.
If you add before PCooking, they seem to get heavily reduced in their taste.
Thank you very much for the pr0n and doing a curry!
Wish I could have eaten some too!!
If you're saucing your brisket, I bet you're still putting lolly water in your spirits..
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