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I think daninnewjersey posted in jest

With that said, the average consumer is totally ignorant about meat cuts, their quality, their use/cooking, and their value.

We were in "Fresh Market" over in Tallahassee awhile back and they had Porterhouse on "sale" for $13.99/lb! We looked at them, and they had almost no marbling and were not even "graded". While we shopped some seafood, several folks scarfed them up!

My SIL from TX just left after a short visit. I had bought a Tri-Tip (hard to find around here) and cooked it for her Sunday. She "fawned" over it and said it was the best she had ever eaten! I asked her if she and BIL ordered "sirloin" steaks when eating out and she said--"No. We only order rib-eye if they do not have Tri-Tip"

My neighbor (a great guy and otherwise intelligent) pays a dollar per pound premium for "country style ribs" over sliced up Butts even though I have offered to buy and cut them up for him.

Americans do not spend the time to get informed about meat or almost anything else. Never have and never will.

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