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Originally Posted by Mo-Dave View Post
In light of a couple discussions about factory injected meat, I would soak it and rinse to remove some of the saline solution. I am kidding about that but then again it may help to cut it into small chunks, soak and rinse, if it is high in solution. I think as others have said add more meat of some kind.
I had ground the meat fairly fine because I wanted to make sausage patties out of this batch. I fried a spoonful and it was WAY too salty. I tried different things, a spoonful at a time, but I wasn't happy with any of them. It looked like I might have to toss the batch, but i went on-line looking for suggestions. (That's how I found y'all.)

The idea of soaking the salty meat in water seemed a bit far-fetched at first, but after thinking about it, this is what I did. I dumped the meat into a large pot and covered it with water about an inch above the meat. As it heated up, I kept stirring the pot until all the meat was broken up. Just as the pot reached a simmer, I turned off the heat and let it sit for a couple of minutes. I fished out a spoonful and fried it. The salt had leached out into the water. The broth was salty but the meat was not.

I strained the mixture using a medium sieve, then dumped it into a clean pot. I added water to cover along with some powdered bullion, sage, white pepper, parsley and a LITTLE salt. Then I added some corn mean and boiled the mixture until it got thick. I ladled it into rectangular plastic containers to let it set. Chill it, then dump out the brick, slice and fry until brown on both sides. It actually made a pretty good batch of scrapple. Scrapple is a favorite breakfast meat that comes from the Amish of Eastern Pennsylvania.
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