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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Wampus, you aren't saying that Pastor Dan is a trash talker are you? Noooo!
Originally Posted by chambersuac View Post
What did I do to deserve this??? {SOB MOD}
Let me tell you a little story......

Pastor Dan may be down, but he is NOT out.

So on Saturday, I talk to Dan to get details worked out: What goes, what stays, keys, asked him to contact the church & let them know, etc, etc, etc. He tells me that he has one of his Large BGE's sold and tells me which one it is and that it should stay if it's still there. OK, no biggie. I get there, it's still there but before we're done loading, a truck pulls up and loads up the Egg. Someone from the church committee stops by and checks in on us and tells me that someone came and paid them for the Egg.

So, we continue to load and to stuff everything we can into both the truck and trailer. After 2 or 3 more visits by various church members to check in, we're done and we head back home.

Fast forward about 6-8 hours.....

I'm home last night, after dinner's over and the kids are in bed. My phone rings and it's Dan!

He starts RIGHT OFF, "Hey there. Did you make it home safe?"
"Yep. All is well. Everything's here."
"OK, Great. Just wanted to check about the money for the Egg."
"What money?", says I.
"Well, that one egg that I told you I had sold? The guy called me today and told me that he stopped by to pick it up."
"Yep, he did. They came by and got it while we were there."
"RIGHT. But he told me he gave you the money."

...........pause, cuz my mind's trying to catch up..........

"So", Dan says without missing a beat, "Can you just put that $500 in the mail to me? We can really use the money."


My stomach does one of those, "You screwed up" flip things

"Well, no, someone from the church came by and said that he paid them."
"Really? Because he said he paid you."

I fairly quickly rememver that Dan's a real good bullchitter.....

You had me goin for a second there YOU FARKER!

Just in case y'all were thinking I was bein MEAN to the Pastor or somethin....
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