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Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
Chris Lilly's is pretty good.

cup apple—juice
cup water
cup sugar
2 tbsp kosher salt
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
The recipe i have for Chris Lilly's has 1/4 cup of salt. I printed it out from here. I should get the book to see what is correct. Maybe you have cut the salt back already?

A lot of people say it is too salty. I've done it with 1/4c of kosher salt and didnt find it too salty and everyone i serve to is lining up for seconds and thrids. I'm not sure if it is people using table salt or how they inject. I found it really impressed people. Most of the time i try and cut the salt and sugar in half, just because. It is almost equally good. I often also increase the water to 3/4 just to give me a little more, because i always seem go not have enough. But original chris lilly when i'm trying to impress. And when it is just me it is 1/4c sugar and 1/8c salt.

also, it must be heated up to get all the salt and sugar dissolved and then cooled. Maybe the too salty crowd isn't getting the salt fully dissolved and injecting clumps of salt?? I dont know.

Good simple recipe to start with and then make it your own.

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