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Default WSM+Guru question (not getting up to set temp)

Got a guru+ wsm question. Right now my Ive got a DigiQ set up on a 22WSM. top vent wide open, guru fan damper wide open. Temp set point is 250. for the past 15min Ive been floating between 236-238 and the beeps are only showing the guru is running 40-50% (4 beeps pause 5 beeps pause).

a simular thing happened the last time I tried using it. I had a set point of 275 and It would only hit 262 but that time it was showing 90% fan.

any sugestions. only my second time using the guru but this just isnt making sense. Its like the Guru is trying to ramp down to not overshoot the set temp, but in the process not even getting to the set temp.

running KB like Id always use. typically no problem hitting 300+ without a guru
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