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Default This weekends Pron

Well at the last minute decided to do some grilling this weekend. Broke out all the spices and made a jamican jerk sauce/marinade that I got off of this board. Bought a beef roast, chicken wings and thighs as well.

I was only able to marinade the roast for about 3 hours in the jerk mixture before it was time to put on the grill. As I said it was all really last minute. Cooked for abour 3 hours on the racks and then put it in the bowl with the rest of the remaining sauce and let it cook that way for prolly another 2 hour or so, trying to keep much of the moisture in. I had never cooked beef like this before so it was a good experience. Pulled off the grill at about 195-degrees. When it came time to shred, it was a bit tougher then I had hoped but still turned out great, especailly pouring the extra sauce from the cook over it.

I marinaded the thighs as you can see as well. Was able to let those soak about 6 hours and then grilled with charcoal and some mesquite chips till about 175-degrees.

It was my first time doing wings and I was not very impressed. Kept them simple: salt, pepper and lawry's season salt. I wasent disapointed with the taste as much so as the meat on them. I feel like thighs are definetly the way to go when doing chicken with the bone in. I dont know if it had something to do with being able to trim the thighs up alot more and get rid of alot of the extra skin that makes them taste better or what.

Had a couple slaw dogs for lunch as well in between cooks. Cant go wrong with some cole slaw and mustard.

And last but not least after drinking beer all day while grilling, friends finally came over for dinner and had to have alittle whisky.

All in all a good weekend.

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