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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Just some pics of my UDS. Cost me about 25 in total. Thanks to everyone in this thread who helped. I only read about 250 pages and by then all my questions were answered.

Oil drum free from local garage, contained motor oil and had a sealed lid.

Used an angle grinder to cut the lid off so it can still be used.

The finished UDS. Had a good burn out and rub down. Painted with a rattle can. Taylor thermometer from ebay for about 12. Had to buy some stailless nuts and bolts, again from fleabay.

Used magnets to control air intake. I will probably go to a ballvalve setup when i find one for free.

Used an old cast BBQ grill, and old matress springs for the charcoal bucket.

The webber lid fits a treat.

Not had a chance to fire her up yet, but hoping to soon.
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