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Default Holy Mole-fun with chicken, beer and veggies

Was inspired to get half-drunk and cook something with beer, chicken and a veggie ( Seein' as how beer and chicken are two of my favorite food groups...I figured this would be a good time.

Decided on two family faves; chicken enchiladas (with a mole inspired sauce) and a chicken and rice dish (arroz con familyman). Was definitely a process, roasting chicken for enchiladas/stock, cooking the stock, cooking the thighs for the rice dish, and finally getting the chicken and rice into the DO for the finish.

Started with a whole bird. Broke out the "chicken rocket" for this cook. A cast iron beer can replacement for getting your yardbird drunk by, well, you know...

Rubbed the bird with some Stubb's rubs that those nice folks sent me a while back. Session black lager used exclusively during this cook...

Chicken went into the mini over KBB and cherry chunks.

Here's how it looked when I took it out. Really not paying much attention to time/temp for this cook. Just letting it go until it was "done"

Pulled the meat from the bones for the enchilada filling.

While the bird was cooking I made a base for the stock. Had the beer and veggies simmering while the bird cooked...happily awaiting it's arrival. I dare say the veggies were a little more than half drunken when the chicken carcass arrived.

Seasoned up some untrimmed thighs for the chicken and rice dish. PB Yardbird, of course.

These went into the mini over the same KBB and more chunks of cherry.

Got the ingredients gathered for the rice while the thighs were cooking. Some sausage, onions, peppers, garlic, mushrooms.

Got the rice and veggies cooking in the DO over a propane burner.

Once the veggies and rice had cooked in the DO a bit. Added some of the freshly prepared chicken/beer stock. Brought it to a boil for a couple minutes. Added some of the thighs, then put the DO into the mini for, I'm guessing, a good half-hour plus.

Looked like this after cooking down. Not too thrilled with the color of the thighs (they sure tasted good though).

While the chicken and rice was on the mini, I made the mole sauce and the enchiladas. Have always wanted to make my own mole...still want to. Doctored up some Dona Maria base with some peanut butter, apricot preserves, some chicken/beer stock.

No pics of assembling the enchiladas...I'd still be cleaning the camera if I picked it up during this process. Made a dayum mess...mole covered hands are kinda tasty though.
Here they are panned up, ready for the oven (foil pan too big for mini).

And when they came out...

Got some of the chicken and rice plated with a couple of the enchiladas. A half drunken, beer/chicken/veggie treat. Mighty fine eating!!

This was a pretty fun cook, for sure. Next time I might leave the thighs unseasoned, they darkened quite a bit. Tasted good....a little hard to look at.

Used my Canon 50mm prime lens for these pics. I think some of the shots are really pretty this lens a lot. A steal for less than $100!!

Thanks for checkin out my cook. Stop by the throwdowns and look at all the half drunken entries...
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