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Second cook went very well and all the ribs are gone. My brother and a friend of his was over, they made quick work of ribs, I wasnt able to get a pic off before they got too it. I do have these though:

The Dog once again held temps very well and once again the were not in sync with the Maverick at all. At times the Maverick would read 320F while the Dog read 275 and at other times the Maverick would read 300 and the dog would be around 275. Now for me personally this is rather annoying and I have an idea to fix this issue. I plan on buying a Maverick replacement probe and jury rigging that to the Dog since its essentially undoing two screws on the back of the plug:

This should in theory make the probes identical and I shouldnt have this problem any more. I figure I can also play around with the PB setting until the Maverick probe is calibrated. I really want it to be in sync with my Maverick since its wireless and the Dog is not.

As you can see in the pic above I used a lime cut in half as a stand for Dog probe, it worked pretty well and does not throw temps off as I initially thought it would.

Notes to Wang: You should consider using a smaller probe similar to the one the Maverick uses. The majority of people use and trust this brand. If I didnt do the testing I think a lot of people would have thought the Dog probe was broken when in fact it is not. It is simply larger and will always read different at high temps since as you said it acts as a heat sink. I also think the Maverick style probes are more cost effective since they are smaller which will be beneficial to you. The other thing is not having a clip for the probe is really annoying, you should considering making a probe clip. Not having to buy extra little things really helps with the overall finished feeling of the product.
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