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Well, I finally got started on home-made bacon batch #1 yesterday!!!!

The 23.5lb case contained 2 belly halves, one of which weighed about 10lbs and a monster (comparatively) that weighed the remaining 13.5lbs.

Here's the little one:

And the big one:

With this one I could more clearly see where the belly transitioned into the front and back legs.

I cut them as evenly as possible into approximately 3lbs pieces so they'd fit in the Food Saver bags for curing.

I used Morton Tender Quick for the cure, some allspice, ground black pepper and turbinado sugar.

When it came to actually applying the cure, I got a lil confused. The directions on the bag say to use a tablespoon per pound of meat, but that gets diluted when you start adding other ingredients into the mix.

I figured I'd apply it like a rub- enough so you know it's there, but not so much that you cant see the meat underneath it:

After rubbing the cure into all the pieces and vac-packing them, I still had some cure left, but I figured that would account for the little bit of fat I trimmed off.

The pieces went back into the fridge around 11:00pm. Today I flipped them. I will post more pics when it's time to remove from the vac-pack and rinse.

Thanks for looking!!!!
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