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Default Maybe shes right

Well my wife (turbo crab) says I,m crazy cause my smoker is workin just fine the way it is, and she is right to a point. When I built my current smoker it was always with the intent to make it an offset. Since I didnt have the fire box built and I was to darn impatient to wait I started using it as an UDS and for the most part have been satisfied. But today the I decided to make the change, I found a 15 or 20 gallon air compressor buried in the barn I for got I even had, and so it begins. I cut the opening tonight and thats as far as I got, I hope this size tank will be enough to provide enough heat even though the way I have it figured it should hold a 14lb bag of kingsford and wood chunks. Ive got a lot of changes to make to the ole girl so I will post updates and pray that it was worth it !! Heres the current version first

And here is where it begins all over again
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