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Default Bacon n eggs-my way(pr0n)

Just take three eggs and a tbs of cream, couple of tbs of finely chopped herbs like parsley or chives and mix them gently in a bowl.
You just want the yokes broken, and gently mixed through.
The salt and pepper and beat gently until they are well mixed but still there is egg white clumps and yolk splotches.
You don't want uniform blended of you get a textureless yellow clump instead of something more interesting for the eye and texture for the mouth.
Fry your bacon.
In my case it is hiskory smoked home mede bacon, and fry it until it is done to where you like it.
The egg will slow the cooking of the bacon and will be cooked in no time so you want the bacon where it is at the preferred doneness.
Pour the eggs over the bacon and cover with a lid.
Wait around 3 minutes and check.
You want the eggs set but soft, or they will go rubbery on you.

and as a special treat to the desires of tortleboy and CD

Hope you try it!
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