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Here is my official Half Drunken Three Way Challenge Entry. Rotisserie Chicken drunken gumbo (AKA Borscht).

First, I was drinking during every part of this cook. Check. I also gave a bottle of beer to the gumbo. Double-check.

Next, I have multiple three-ways going on. There is the Trinity -- onions, bell peppers and celery. I also have three meats, chicken, andouille and tasso. Triple check.

I started by cooking a whole chicken on the rotisserie the day before the gumbo cook.

I also made my roux ahead of time, so I could drink and cook, and not burn my roux.

On cook day, I started by chopping and sweating my trinity in a pot that would later prove to be too small. I also added a bunch of finely chopped garlic toward the end of the trinity sweating.

I added four quarts of organic chicken stock and my roux. This is when I realized I was going to need a bigger pot, so I dumped everything into my biggest stock pot. Much better. At that point, I added cayenne pepper and kosher salt and a bottle of Abita Turbo Dog.

While my broth boiled and incorporated the roux, I shredded the chicken meat. I prefer shredded chicken in my soups and gumbos over cut.

I then cut my homemade tasso into small cubes. Tasso is a flavoring agent, not a meat to eat by itself. It is also very hard to find outside of cajun country, but very easy to make.

My next meat three-way item was some andouille sausage. That was store bought. Sorry.

Once my broth was boiled enough to incorporate all the flavors, I dumped in my meats, and my okra. I put my okra in earlier than they say you should, because it takes all the "slimy" out of it. The only thing I add at the end of the cook is my fresh green onions.

Everybody is in the pool, so nothing left to do but let it simmer, and have another drink.

After a few hours of simmering magic, it is ready to serve with some white rice and a cold Abita.

It was an awesome meal for a chilly, rainy day. And, I had plenty to share with a few of my favorite neighbors.

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