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Thanks for all of the feedback... it is very much appreciated. Definitely learned a lesson on this one (which is what it's all about!).

I did take the meat off the cooker b/c of the internal temp. Having been on this site for awhile, and reading all that I've read, I should've known better . The last two butts that I smoked (on my mini WSMJ) were definitely ready when they hit 195. Different smoker, different results. "The meat is done when it is done" does indeed ring true, aawa. The lesson here is patience.

Anyone else have on any thoughts on the bottom vents? Leave them as is? Mod the bottom kettle by adding side vents?

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What makes it a Frankenstein ...never heard this before....
Fellow Brethren Bob In St. Louis passed the WSM barrel and lid to me ( When he saw the results (WSM top, 70's kettle bottom), he called it a WSM-F; the "F" being Frankenstein... using different body parts to make a new smoker.
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