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Got Wood.
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I meant that my temperature control was all over the place! I was aiming for between 220 and 250f

I filled the basket with briquettes and it got up to 300f. It worked it's way down when i closed 2 of the 4 lower intakes. The briquettes had pretty much burnt out within 5hrs. Luckily, I've got a wood burning stove so was able to top up with lumps of smoldering apple wood to keep the temperature up, as it was hovering around 200f.

I think the USD is built ok, so I recon it's just a bit of practice required.

The 'clock' was a temp gauge that does (did) internal meat temp and UDS temp too. My external BBQ thermometer is trapped in the post sorting office!

Thanks for all the tips and jesting everyone! Love it! This is the beginning of a very smokey, very meaty journey that can only end in glory. GLORY!

Big ups to all Brethren.
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