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Default How to cook half a brisket

Local grocery store had brisket flats for $3.99/lb. I went in and asked if they had one that was about 5lbs. Guy goes, no problem, I'll go in the back and cut you one. So he comes back with a piece that was about 5lbs.

Opened it up at home, and it looks like he just took a whole packer, and cut straight down on it, leaving me with a hunk of meet that has the point+some of the flat.

So, how do I cook it? Just like a whole packer? Should I try to separate out the point and flat before cooking (even though it won't be a very big piece of flat)?

My original plan (assuming I had gotten a 5lb flat) was to cook to about 165, then foil and continue to cook till probe tender. Keep with that strategy?

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