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Default hot and fast not ment to be?

upper 60s today, so when I got up this AM I trimmed up a 12 lb. packer, gave it a nice coat of Big Mistas Bitchin beef rub heated up the stickburner and tossed her on at 7 figuring it would be done around 5 or so. The stickburner was cruisin along between 2 and 3 hundred mostly around 250, while I was doing other things. About 1:30 I realized I hadnt stuck the temp probe in so I tried. It went in like butter, all over. I was reading 205-210 internal no matter where I stuck it. So off it came and foiled and into the cooler with some towels. BTW it tastes great, I had to test it!
I have never had a packer go this fast! at least 2 1/2 hrs sooner than expected? The stickburner was runnin like it always does, I think both my therms on it are good, never had a prob with them before and they were runnin the same readings. I was burning well seasoned oak.
The packer was one from Sams, no thicker of thinner than any other Ive ever done.
Anyone ever had one go this speedy?
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