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I'm sure you know how lean venison is which can make it difficult to Q. It can benefit greatly from a brine and foiling in a pan after it's taken on some smoke. Bacon strips can also help keep it from drying out. I like to brine the roasts for 24 hours, double butterfly them open, lay bacon strips inside with a little bit of low or no-salt rub (plenty of salt from the brine and bacon), roll them up, tie with butcher twine, and smoke indirect at 250 degrees until barely done; it's very important to not overcook venison as it's not very forgiving in that regard. If I'm not feeling lazy, I like to make a glaze with low-salt soy sauce, beef stock that has NOT been de-fatted, and a touch of molasses to paint on towards the end. IMO, venison tenderloins are best sliced 3/8" thick against the grain, dipped in a milk/egg-wash, breaded in flour with S&P, and pan-fried (cast iron skillet if you have one) in either butter or bacon fat (or both!)......damn I'm hungry for deer now!
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