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Absolutely Toast, I can drive a camera. In fact, I'll be uploading some pics in a few minutes. I made some snacks last night (cause I didn't want to do it all this morning) and shot some photos. Give me a bit.....

Jon....I've had some pretzels with "little smokies" and they were EPIC check out >>THIS<< thread. But I'm diggin your idea of the brats. That looks like a LOT less pain in the but than what I did. I like the shrimp idea too.

Brandon....glad to see more STL guys!
You know, it's funny....I gave my wife a shopping list of what I needed for today, and on it was Jalapeno peppers. She came home with what she thought were jalapenos, but the store tag just said "peppers". They looked just like a jalapeno, but were HUGE. Turns out they were just long skinny green bell peppers. I've never seen anything like them (photos in a minute). I was going to do ABT's, but it would take too much sausage to wrap these monsters.
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