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Originally Posted by swamprb View Post
Well, nobody has really touched on brining containers, so I'll jump on the Turkey Train!

I used to brine turkeys in a Food grade frosting bucket then a Rubbermade cooler, but it wouldn't fit in the garage fridge, so I had to drag out the coffin cooler and keep it on ice, and then use a plate weighted down with a bag of ice to keep the bird(s) submerged in the brine.

While searching for brine recipes, I came across this, The Briner

It fits in my refer (2 of them will) and it has a locking disc to keep the meats submerged in the brine and a tight fitting lid.

I've had four 5 lb. whole chickens, using 1 gallon of brine and it took up less than half of The Briner.

So, I've been itching to get some Turkey's bathing in the Briner, but so far the only ones in the stores are Butterballs and injected birds.

I usually cook 12-15 lb turkeys and the Briner can easily hold 2 with room to spare.

A Cambro container and lid the same size is comparably the same price, but it does not have the locking disc, so I found the Briner to be a better deal for me in the long run.

When the day of turkey reckoning comes, I will baptize them and take pics!

That Rubbermade cooler became a hand wash station and the Briner reigns supreme!

What are you using? Show your stuff!

That thing's AWESOME! I'm gonna have to pick one up.

I usually just use a couple of big stock pots that I have.

The one on the left is a 16 qt aluminum and the one on the right is a 20 qt Stainless Steel. Last weekend, a 12 lb turkey fit in the SS pot just fine with 2 gallons of brine and about 3" to spare at the top.

I've also used a 5 gallon bucket, lined with about 3 trash bags (bucket was washed clean, but I wouldn't have called it STERILE). I have a garage fridge that I put all my meats in after prepping/brining, etc. The floor of the fridge has the most room and would hold that thing perfectly.

I've had need this summer a couple of times to brine 10, 12 and even 16 birds at once and when I did, brining was a CHORE. I can really see the use of the Briner. How big is it?

Thanks for posting that!
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