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Turkey is like any other meat.
There are a Jillion recipes/techniques/methods available in the modern age of the WWW. Many times they just serve to confuse the situation, not help it.
Almost all of them will work--just depends on what you like for the results.
Unfortunately, many people try to find the "perfect" recipe and there is "no such animal" in spite of what some claim.

Poultry cooks just need to learn and use the "basics" and they will be fine.
For me, I brine unless it is a factory enhanced bird (and they cook up just fine), season with something simple like Salt/Pepper/Garlic/??, put it on the cooker somewhere between 275-375, and cook it till it is a minimum of 160-165. Tent till time to carve, eat, enjoy, move on to desert.
But, there are many, many variations I have used in the past and they worked well.

No magic VooDoo about cooking a bird.

For those that like video instruction for tips/techniques, YouTube alone has a plethora of videos.
These all have the meat as the star and show the wide range of techniques that produce a good product. The quality ranges from good to excellent, IMHO.
AJ brined bird on BGE:

“Bourbon” smoked turkey from HEB:

Cooked on a Yoder Pellet smoker/grill using ramped up temp profile:

From Kevin Bevington ( Kevin is a documented BBQ God with a history of Chanpionship cooking. And a really decent human being.

On a WSM at 300-310 deg:

On a WSM at 350 +:

On a UDS at 250 ish :

Lots more if you poke around.

It is all GOOD EATS

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