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I'm gonna beat a dead horse for a second... "Boy, am I glad I found this thread!" At least I'm not one of the poor guys who found it too late for that last brisket... ;-)

I'm about to try my first brisket, and now I feel much better about it.

Now here's what has fueled my desire to try a brisket: I had some brisket at Bones Roadhouse in Gualala, California while on a beach trip with the wife and kids. I'm sure by both luck and their skill, I had the most excellent few slices of brisket I've had in my entire life. The fat was rendered down to the point that it was delicious to eat... Until that moment, I thought such a thing was only possible with pork!!! The meat was tender and delicious. I found myself deciding that I needed to create something like this, and then be able to sit down and eat a friggin' pound of it if I wanted to. My plan now is to unseat turkey as the meat of choice at Thanksgiving. I did it with baby back ribs a few years back, and 2012 is gonna be the year of the brisket.

So, maybe this weekend I'll do my practice run using the methods here, then wow everyone at Thanksgiving.

And here's an actual question: I really did like that ~1/4" layer of bark-covered, rendered fat on the flat, which I'm sure I'd only get by separating the flat and the point. Anything I should look out for when doing this? Based on the original pics, I figure that I'd split the fat with the majority of the "deckle" (or so I think it was called) left on the flat, then cooked fat side down in my UDS. The point would also be cooked fat side down. Am I robbing the meat of any magical point/flat synergy by doing this? Gotta get me that bark-covered fat!

Thanks, and what an epic thread. I'm on my way to Facebook after this to share the link!

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