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Originally Posted by JMSetzler View Post
I'm sort of in your same situation. I have the Akorn and love cooking on it, but I still want a ceramic Kamado for several reasons. My research has led me to make a final decision on the Big Green Egg. I plan to buy the XL version sometime in the spring. My challenge came down to selecting between the Primo Oval XL and the BGE XL. None of the others were really in the running.

I'm choosing the big green egg for several reasons, and the main one is because there is a larger community of BGE owners online as far as I can tell. I will be able to find feedback and support through my online community of friends here and other places much easier with the BGE. I also have a local BGE dealer which makes the decision a little easier for me as well. He keeps the full line of eggs and accessories in stock at all times. The price tag on the setup I want is a little high, but I think it will be worth it to go that route. I'm not to worried about a learning curve since I have already been through that with the Akorn.

That being said, I still think the grills you have listed are excellent grills and I would not try to sway you one way or the other from whatever you choose. I'm sure you will be happy with any of them.

Good luck with your purchase!
Just a thought, you may want to ask if you can purchase the egg in the box. I did on mine and got it a good bit cheaper. Anyone can put one together you just need to make sure you have help lifting the parts.

I got my Xl BGE around 850.00 before tax's.
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